Download Forms with Instructions

Please read the General Information before filling out the forms. All forms are in PDF format. You will need PDF reader in your computer to read these forms. If you don't have the PDF reader, you may download Acrobat PDF reader for free.


Renewal, Addition, and Alterations on Passport

Visa Application

Additional Visa Forms for Defense Personnel and Family Members

No Objection Certificate (For J1 visa waiver)

Endorsements and Attestations

Dual Nationality Application

No Visa Required (NVR) Form

FF Form for Journalists and Film-makers

Travel Document to Return BangladeshNon Machine Readable Passport Application

Birth Certificate Form

Other Information

Fees for Different Consular Services

Visa Fees

Useful Links

Online Embarkation and Debarkation Forms

Baggage Rules by Bangladesh Government

Citizenship Order 1972

Citizenship Law Amendment 1978


To contact the consular wing:
Please dial:
Tel: 202-244-0183 ext: 111, 115 or 121
Fax: 202-244-7248 / 202-244-2771
Email (consular matters only):