Ambassador Ahmad Tariq Karim

Ambassador Karim is a career  diplomat of Bangladesh. Currently he is Bangladesh High Commissioner to New Delhi, India with a cabinet rank. His career spanned over three decades, beginning in 1967 as a member of the Pakistan Foreign Service. Soon after Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, he played an important role in creating the personnel and administration departments in the nascent Foreign Ministry. Karim went on to hold numerous assignments, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and abroad, including:

Ambassador to the United States, High Commissioner to South Africa — with concurrent accreditation to Botswana , Namibia , Lesotho , and with consular jurisdiction in Zambia and Zimbabwe ; Ambassador to Iran  with concurrent accreditation to Lebanon, Deputy Chief of Mission in Beijing, Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi.

As Additional Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh with responsibility for the South Asian region (1995-97), Ambassador Karim helped the then newly elected Prime Minister to formulate strategy for normalization of relations with India, including the ending of cross border insurgency problems that had plagued relations between the two countries for over two decades. He was entrusted with a critically important role in negotiating the 30-year Ganges Water Sharing Treaty with India (signed in December 1996), which marked a turning point in relations between the two neighbors. Ambassador Karim's bold approach to the negotiations enabled finalization of the treaty and resolution of a problem that had plagued India-Bangladesh relations for almost 30 years. Ambassador Karim also championed government policy to promote sub-regional cooperation between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal — as a means of working towards economic development and security for all four nations.


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