23/03/2014: Militancy, terrorism not teaching of Islam: PM

Militancy, terrorism not teaching of Islam: PM
DHAKA, March 22, 2014 (BSS) - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said militancy, terrorism and killing are not teaching of Islam and those believe in these misdeeds have no religion and boundary.

Terming Islam as a religion of peace, the Prime Minister sought cooperation of alem-ulema (religious leaders) so that none can unleash terrorist acts like killing, hurling bombs, cutting tendons and gouging eyes in the country by using the religion.

She also called upon them to remain alert so that any vested quarter cannot enter us to create division and hesitation.

"You have seen in the world, particularly in the Islamic countries, that the conflict and clash are more in those countries. But who are instigating and gaining benefit by engaging the resourceful Muslim countries in trouble against each other," she questioned.

In this connection, the Prime Minister mentioned that efforts
were made a few days ago to stage the same incident in
Bangladesh. "But those efforts were not successful as we took
timely steps," she said, adding the evil design of the vested
quarter is yet to end.

"I think those who believe in Almighty Allah and Islam will
have to be careful so that vested quarters cannot create division
and hesitation by intruding into us," she said.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the 39th
founding anniversary function of Islamic Foundation at
Bangabandhu International Conference Centre here this morning.

With Religious Affairs Minister Principal Motiur Rahman in
the chair, the function was addressed by Education Minister Nurul
Islam Nahid as the special guest.

Religious Affairs Secretary Chowdhury Md Babul Hasan
delivered the welcome address, while director general of Islamic
Foundation Shamim Mohammad Afzal gave an overview on the
activities of the foundation.

Mentioning that a vested quarter is misguiding the innocent
people by carrying out propaganda against Awami League by using
Islam, the Prime Minister also sought cooperation of alem-ulema
to create awareness among the common people to this end.

\"Resorting to falsehood is a sin. But a vested quarter is
engaged in such a crime with a political motive. So it is very
essential to create awareness among the common people to this
end,\" she said.

Sheikh Hasina said it is unfortunate that Awami League
always becomes the biggest victim of propaganda about religion.

"It is Awami League of which most of the leaders and workers
perform and practice religion and help the poor and orphans. But
those who do not offer prayers and who always plunge into graft
and corruption and earn money by cheating the common people are
being described as the protectors of Islam," she said.

The Prime Minister also sought cooperation of alem-ulema to
continue the trial of perpetrators who committed crimes against
humanity during the War of Liberation in 1971.

"It is the responsibility of the state to hold trial of the
war criminals as all who became victims at that time want the
trial of the 1971 culprits," she said.

To save war criminals, she said, the BNP-Jamaat nexus
unleashed hatred acts like hurling bombs on the school-going
children, felling thousands of trees and burning the people to
death in the name of hartal and blockades.

"We have tackled that situation with patience with the
cooperation of the people of all levels including alem and
ulema," she said.

Sheikh Hasina also sought support of the alem-ulema to
formulate a curriculum for the qaumi madrasa students so that
they get real education.

"We want to prepare for a curriculum for the qaumi madrasa
students with taking opinion of all so that they can obtain a
certificate and get employment through it," she said

Sheikh Hasina also urged the people to eliminate terrorism,
militancy, darkness, illiteracy, differences, revenge and
conflict from the society and resist the evil forces
misinterpreting Islam by containing the essence of Islam.

"Let us come to turn the country into a peaceful and safe
abode for the next generation being sharpened with the spirit of
the War of Liberation," she said.

The Prime Minister mentioned that Islam is a religion of
peace, fraternity, non-communalism, world brotherhood and

"The great messages of Islam our beloved Prophet Hazrat
Muahammad (PBUH) preached have taught to love the people,
patriotism and to be careful about the poor and orphans," she
said, adding Islam has given rights and overall philosophy of
life to the women.

Sheikh Hasina said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujibur Rahman established the Islamic Foundation after
independence to spread the real teaching and essence of Islam
among the people. "Bangabandhu during his three and a half years
tenure made invaluable contribution to serve Islam," she said.

She said Bangabandhu reorganized and expanded the Madrasa
Education Board and allocated a huge area on the bank of the
Turag for the Biswa Ijtema. He also allocated land for expansion
of Kakrail Mosque and banned liquor, gambling, horse race by
enacting laws," she said.

Mentioning that the people have elected the Awami League
again in the January 5 polls, the Prime Minister said: "We would
implement the commitments that were given for the development of
the country and the people Insha Allah."

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is now known as a non-
communal, democratic and peaceful country across the world.

"I believe that human ideals of the religion will have to be
parctised and nurtured properly to check erosion of the society,"
she said, adding a nation rich with religious and moral education
could bring peace and prosperity for the country.

The Prime Minister said Islamic Foundation is a common
platform of all alem and ulema of the country. "I hope that this
institution would conduct more research on the Islam's
contribution to culture, thinking, science and civilization," she

She also hoped that the Islamic Foundation would uphold the
Islamic history and philosophy and would be turned into a leading
institution on the world stage in the development of Islam by
taking with alem and ulema.

Sheikh Hasina said her previous government had made efforts
sincerely to project the essence of Islam. "We worked to ensure
an environment so that the people of all faiths could perform
their respective religions freely in the light of "Madina Sanad"
of the Great Prophet," she said.

The Prime Minister said her government tries to maintain
rules of Islam and believes in piousness, not fanaticism. "We
work from the belief and feelings for serving Islam," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her first government during 1996-2001, a
total of 43 district offices and their all manpower transferred
to the revenue sector. "The government also constituted the Imam-
Muazzin Welfare Trust and its amount of the capital is now over
Taka 28 crore," she said.

The Prime Minister also spelled out different steps her
government taken for the welfare of Islam and reiterated that the
government would not enact any laws that are contrary to Quran
and Sunnah.

The steps included introduction of mosque-based library,
providing medicare services to the poor people through Islamic
mission centres, implementation of mosque-based child and mass
education programme at a cost of Taka 786 crore, introduction of
digital version of holy Quran, launching work on the Arabic
University, modernization of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque,
construction of academic buildings of 1000 madrasas and providing
training to imams and muezzins.

Later, a munajat was offered seeking continued peace,
progress and prosperity of the nation. Khatib of Baitul Mukarram
National Mosque Professor Maulana Mohammad Salah Uddin conducted
the munajat.