12/03/2014: Tk 58,000 crore master plan adopted for agri-sector uplift in coastal districts: PM

Tk 58,000 crore master plan adopted for agri-sector uplift in coastal districts: PM


SANGSAD BHABAN, March 12, 2014 (BSS)- Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today said her government has undertaken a Taka 58,000 crore master plan for the development of agricultural sector in 14 coastal districts.

"The Master Plan for Agricultural Development in Southern Region of Bangladesh" has been undertaken for ensuring food security, removing poverty and improving the living standard in 14 coastal districts of the southern region," she said.

The Prime Minister said this in reply to a question from treasury bench member Enamul Haque during her question answer session in the House. "This master plan will be implemented during the period till 2021 by identifying 85 activities on the basis of four priorities- highest, high, medium and low," she said. 

The Leader of the House said the present government has framed the National Agriculture Policy 2013 for the development of agriculture and farmers as well to the greater improvement of the national economy. 

"The main goal of the policy is to achieve food autarky through producing more crops, ensuring food and nutrition for all by creating scopes for employment through diversifying agricultural programmes," she said adding that the government has taken various programmes to achieve the goal. 

The steps include training for farmers on seed-producing demonstration farms and tactics on producing quality seeds, uninterrupted supply of electricity in the Boro season, expansion
of activities of environment-friendly pesticide management and coordinated crop management, introduction of smart cards in giving irrigation at the cost-effective price, giving rebate on electricity bills at 20 percent rate, giving incentives to the farmers for encouraging the farmers in cultivation of the Aus paddy, increasing the government purchasing prices and innovation of befitting agri technologies and giving subsidy on fertilizers.