23/02/2014: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodges protest regarding hindi film "Gunday"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

External Publicity Wing


Press Release

23  February, 2014

Ministry’s attention has been drawn to the media reports and reaction of people particularly in the social networking sites on the Hindi film “Gunday” which has recently been released in India. The Ministry and the High Commission of Bangladesh in New Delhi have been working on ascertaining the veracity of the reported derogatory remarks/distortion of historical facts in the film since it came to the notice of the Ministry as soon as the film was released.


The matter has already been taken up officially with the Indian authorities and strong protest has been conveyed to the Indian side. The Government of Bangladesh has also expressed its deep sense of hurt and disappointment about clearing of the film by the Central Board of Film Certification, Government of India. The Ministry has requested the Indian authorities to take appropriate actions to stop screening of the film in its present form with immediate effect.