07/02/2014: PM inaugurates first-ever light and sound show at Lalbagh Fort

PM inaugurates first-ever light and sound show at Lalbagh Fort

DHAKA, Feb 7, 2014 (BSS)-The country entered a new era of technology today as a light and sound show was launched at Lalbagh Fort, an archaeological site, in the capital.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the show this evening through a function expressing the hope that it would be a new attraction for the visitors and tourists coming to the historic Lalbagh Fort. 

With the technology, she said, the visitors could know the continuation of the centuries-old history of Dhaka very attractively in the light and dark environment. 

Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor was the special guest at the function, organized by the Department of Archaeology under the Cultural Affairs Ministry. 

Secretary of the ministry Ranjit Kumar Biswas and Director General of the Department of Archaeology Shirin Akhtar also spoke on the occasion. 

The Prime Minister said Lalbagh Fort, an incomplete 17th century Mughal fort complex in Dhaka, is an unique evidence of our history and tradition. 

She said her government during its tenure from 1996-2001 had undertaken a scheme to project the glorious history and unique architectural view of the fort before the people of the country. 

Sheikh Hasina said the project has been completed smoothly with the extensive supervision of the experts comprising the Department of Archeology and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). 

The Prime Minister said her government considers the country \'s history, archeology, heritage and culture with utmost importance. 

She said Bangladesh is a prosperous country from the sides of history and heritage, though it is small in size. Such an attraction among the foreigners to our resources and people has been seen since the ancient period, she said. 

With the rotation of time, Sheikh Hasina said, the foreigners moved away from this country, ending the long colonial rule. But the establishments that carry their memories remain as our very precious resources, she said.

The Prime Minister said these establishments remember our rich history and heritage. These installations are only not important historically but also known as vital tourist sites, she said. 

\"The country\'s eminent poets, litterateurs, actors, reciters, historians and archeologists were involved in the project,\" she said thanking all of them. 

Sheikh Hasina said her government has already taken initiatives for development of archeological sites across the country side by side with development of other places that bear the memory of the great War of Liberation.

\"We have taken these initiatives so that generation after generation could know our rich history and heritage,\" she said. 

The Prime Minister said her government has been given a scope to continue and implement the development works that her pervious administration initiated. 

She said the people not only want food for filling their stomach, they also want other basic amenities including entertainment. 

\"We have been working ceaselessly to fulfill their fundamental demands as well as to build a hunger and poverty-free Bangladesh,\" she said. 

Later, the Prime Minister along with the audience enjoyed the spectacular light and sound show that features special lighting effects onto the building\'s facade synchronised with a recorded script and music to dramatise the fort\'s history. 

Between mid- November and mid- March, there will be two 30- minute shows every day, except Sunday, one between Maghrib and Esha and another after Esha prayers, Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor told a press conference at Press Information Department yesterday. 

The show\'s ticket costs Tk 20 in addition to Tk 10 entry fee for Bangladeshis, Tk 100 for visitors from SAARC countries and Tk 200 for others, he said. 

Preparations took Tk 2.83 crore and the monthly revenue is expected to be Tk 5 lakh. Eminent writer and poet Syed Shamsul Haq crafted the script of the show, which will let the visitors know details about the fort, while cultural personalities Shimul Yousuf and Asaduzzaman Noor gave their voice. 

The show will be introduced in many of Bangladesh\'s 448 archeological sites, including Buddhist Vihara of Paharpur, Shaatgombuj Masjid in Bagerhat, Kantajew Mandir and Mohasthangar, added Asaduzzaman. 

The construction of Lalbagh Fort began in 1678 by Mughal Subedar Prince Muhammad Azam Shah, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, who later became Emperor himself. His successor Shaista Khan, however, did not continue the work. 

According to officials concerned, around 40,000-50,000 visitors were visiting the fort daily and number of ticket sale was high during the weekends, adding that sale of tickets would be further increased following the inauguration of the new project.